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1016 S Duff Ave, Ames, IA 50010


Are your organization’s funds running dry? Make a splash with Varsity carwash fundraising!

WE want to make fundraising easy for YOU.

The Program:

We sell car washes at full price, and you earn 50% of sales.

Five easy steps:
You fill out the contact form below.
We will send you promotional material with your organization’s car wash code.
You distribute and promote!
You and your organization’s supporters use your code to get as many car washes as you wish during the month of your fundraiser.
We will send you a check for 50% of the sales recorded through your organization’s code during your fundraising month.

The Package Includes:

CODE: Your organization will receive a personalized code which is good for the duration of the fundraiser. Codes will be typed into the pay station at the car wash.

FLIER: Varsity will create a flier for your organization to distribute to family, friends, and neighbors. Your organization will want to promote your fundraising month!


Event or organization must be civic and serve the greater good of the community.
Must be a qualified 501c3 organization.
Organization must be within a 20 mile radius of Varsity Carwash.
Please fill out the form 30 days prior to event start date.

3 + 9 =


How long does a fundraiser last?

All fundraisers last one (1) month. Your organization can choose the month.

Can my organization hand out fliers or promotional material at other businesses?

We welcome advertising a fundraiser at your organization’s sanctioned events and location, however, Varsity Carwash does not allow solicitation on its property nor the property of other businesses.

How often can my organization host a fundraiser at Varsity Carwash?

Your organization can hold a fundraiser two (2) times per year.

When will my organization receive a check?

Your organization will receive a check within 15 days of the conclusion of your fundraiser. The check will be sent to the address indicated on the organization’s initial contact form.

Does my organization ever have to collect money?

No! We will do that for you. Money will be collected from your organization’s supporters at the pay station at the car wash.

Varsity Carwash

3705 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50014


Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday:  8:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm